Reviews & Testimonial

“Our coaching programme is built on lived experience of diet culture, disordered eating and body stigma and we’ll continue to develop it from yours”

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Here are a few reviews and testimonial, gathered from our social media pages…

From a 5 Weeks to Body Love participant… “I can’t believe the difference your programme is making to me, to my feelings about myself, how I eat, what I eat. I feel so at ease, no guilt, no shame – even when my colleague showed me a photo she took of her abdominal muscles she took at the gym. I thought “she’s amazing, she’s worked so hard to be happy with her body and I’m amazing because so have I.”

“Today I attended the group Nutriri workshop. I turned up full of self loathing and left a different person altogether! Ok so I’m right at the beginning of this process; not quite ready to say I love myself or my body, but certainly I have come away thinking that my body is ok and deserves some decent fuel. And why shouldn’t I enjoy it along the way! I have a huge amount to learn, I know that. I am now excited and looking forward to enjoying life and great food from now on!! Thanks so much Helen for a fantastic day xxx

“Helen genuinely cares about women. She is committed to supporting and empowering women to change the way we see, care for and nurture ourselves, and Nutriri is an expression of this commitment. Nutriri is taking on profit-driven organisations whose income depends on women feeling ‘less than’, and it has never been more important to fight this battle – which Helen is doing with passion, integrity and intelligence.” Kate L

“Helen is superbly special. A refreshing blast of honest with lashings of empathy and a genuine passion for promoting real bodies and realistic lifestyles.”

“Having experienced Helen’s love and support, she is very passionate and committed to everything she does. Nutriri is a shining example of this, empowering people to think differently about themselves. xx” Mr Chris M

“If I lived in the South West I’d be at her Nutriri sessions in a flash, but thanks to the power of the internet she’s been a fantastic source of support and inspiration to me during some really tough times.” Carrie E

“Helen after following Nutriri and reading your posts I decided to give conscious eating a go, I am one week in and feel great for the first time in a long time I feel in control over what I eat, not counting calories, not eating certain foods at certain times of the day feels refreshing, I don’t even intend to stand on the scales. From someone who has tried pretty much every diet going it feels great for once not to be on a diet and instead starting to change my attitude to food rather than another quick fix. Thanks” Claire F

“Nutriri is a breath of fresh air after trying every diet from low-carb to shakes. After feeling a failure each time, I inevitably had to come off a restrictive diet and then put more weight back on as a result. I decided to try Nutriri, it began by empowering me to take charge of my own eating habits. I learnt to not live or eat in the way in which the diet industry informs us we ‘must’ (for rest of our lives!!) so it can make profit from our misery. It’s finally meant that I can start to enjoy what I eat without guilt and lose weight, by choice, without even trying. I am starting to live a healthier lifestyle as a result and enjoying it too. Thank you” KA.

“Helen, has got an incredible idea in Nutriri, she will win through because she is determined and believes in it 100%. She has a lot off guts and
grit, and that’s what you need to make anything work xxx” Wendy LB

“Helen is so passionate about trying to change the way people think about themselves and their relationship with food. Nutriri is a fantastic concept and can only go from strength to strength.” Clare M

“A very positive inspiring energetic lady with massive people skills and belief in Nutiri that benefits all. ” Cathy A

“Had a fabulous meeting with Helen James this week. She is one positive empowered woman, who is living her ethos and enthuses about it to others. A positive attitude to food, definitely comes from within and Helen emanates this; knowing her genuine enthusiasm and self-belief will enable her to help others, and even keep me focused too.” Dawn C

we were grateful to be nominated for the National Diversity Awards; you can see the feedback from that here…