Nutriri* at no.10

Thank you Enterprise Nation for the invite to Downing Street recently to join a round table with Jimmy McLoughlin; discussing rural business issues.

As a start-up social enterprise based rurally, Nutriri was delighted for the invite to contribute, along with other rural organisations nationally.

We were tasked to identify “one practical thing that we would like to see in the budget that would make it easier to start and grow our businesses”

points listened to were…

  • lack of affordable office space and the co-creation opportunities that come with shared spaces
  • slow broadband and mobile networks; fibre non-existent in large areas
  • skills shortages
  • the impact of business rate changes.

We raised the issue of transport inequality and safety amongst young drivers.

  • Rural youngsters are twice as likely to be involved in serious collisions due to location
  • travel costs to college, first jobs and apprenticeships is prohibitive

Nutriri posed the question: Would encouraging government or local councils to provide free train and bus travel to 16-24yr olds enhance safety and travel equality; increase opportunity for them and to SME’s apprenticeship recruitment pool?

Thanks Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation for facilitating this direct contact with government. The group genuinely felt listened to. looks forward to the opportunity to return to No.10 soon to discuss how the UK manages ‘obesity’ and the associated (and overlooked) mental wellbeing within diet culture.