Not here to ‘diet shame’ you…

Such an amazing array of restrictive diets are available from the multi-trillion dollar diet industry these days; we’re just coming through the annual frenzy to pick a new regime to stick to.  Or worst still, some of us are revisiting a trusted favourite (again!); if it was that great then why the hell are we back here again?

Along with the weight loss thoughts come the endless conversations with friends to find out what their secret is or what approach they’re going with this time.  These conversations can seem innocent enough; we might even class ourselves as very body positive and pro-choice about our decisions to change weight, but these seemingly supportive chats with friends perpetuate the negative diet mindset.

In the early days of Nutriri*, as it’s founder/creator my personal ‘passion driving’ experience was a ‘battle’ to lose weight and keep it off so I naively set out to make Nutriri* all about weight-loss.  It didn’t take long though, quite rightly, to come up against opposition of ‘diet speak’ from lots of directions.  In fact, I very quickly got blocked from a number of Facebook groups; ironically, groups that I was learning the most from – didn’t I feel judged.  At the same time, these very experiences, were lessons in themselves.

Nowadays, we are finding more that we aren’t accepted in groups that are completely caught up in diet culture.  On the one hand this is great news but the gut wrenching truth is that these groups are FULL of potential beneficiaries of our social impact aims.

Nutriri* is well prepared for to be thought of as ‘just another’ this or that (for now!), after all our current mindsets have been years in the making.  The constant barrage of products and services delivered in a persuasive way; often in a way that creates a profit – directly – from our continued self-loathing.  It’s no wonder we’ve gone into self-protection mode; knowing that mass market diets don’t work but not really knowing how to fix our individual issue.

And that word right there – individual – is one of the first realisations towards recovery and change with Nutriri*

Thank you so much for your support. Your donation will help Nutriri* change the diet industry as a not for profit.