#MyBodyMyStory @LooseWomen

Nutriri* is so pleased to see body positivity addressed in such a mainstream setting in the UK.

The Loose Women crew launched a campaign today celebrating where each of us is at right now, instead of pushing a thin ideal.  Embracing all of our ‘flaws’ and encouraging us to recognise our bodies as more than ornaments to be looked at and judged (especially by ourselves!).

Higher Applause

It was evident throughout todays broadcast that not every presenter who took part, has complete body confidence… yet – and do you know what… this deserves higher applause.

Some of us expect a lot from our celebrities don’t we? We expect them to be perfect, people we aspire to be like and bring extreme focus upon them in celebration and in critique.

Today I saw the LW ladies really dig deep, often through their own discomfort, to take part in a truly unselfish campaign.

Showing our vulnerabilities makes us human, it allows us to connect.

Please don’t feel that body confidence is something that you either

have or you don’t and never will… at Nutriri* we nurture the very beginnings of confidence around ourselves and food.

Power to change…

And the very beginnings of confidence is found in recognising that we all have the power to change. And no matter how helpless we may feel around food and our bodies right now; change can be as simple as stopping dieting.

Thank you so much for your support. Your donation will help Nutriri* change the diet industry as a not for profit.