Do you want to collaborate, and raise funds, with others to propel your positive impact – and measure it?

We are hosting an online event that gathers a like-minded group; a group with much lived experience of diet-culture and body stigma.

Through connecting our lived experiences we can become greater than the sum of our parts. Collaboration will help us all reach more people with our impact work and raise funds for our individual aims.

Social enterprise is building the platform to host an online summit later in the year. A platform where your audience can interact with you and expand their understanding of body diversity. Most importantly, by collaborating with others, you get to offer your audience more value from a wider, and diverse, team that aligns with your impact aims.

We will be measuring the impact of the summit; you’ll come away with the data that proves what you do makes a difference.

You get to choose who you share the summit with (i.e. we are not asking for your email list!); this is an opportunity to increase your audience and each raise funds for our own projects and activities. We are embedding a fair referral system into the platform, that will reward not just speakers/participants but also those who help with the co-creation and marketing work.

We are curating a diverse offering – our audiences are looking to increase their understanding of the issues and expand their own ‘life’s toolkit’ – so whether that’s mind or body work (or both!) – from connecting through your story to taking part in a remote physical/creative activity – if it’s coming from a body diversity and acceptance place then let us know about it.

Join Us, With love, Helen & your future collaborative team!

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