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“I can’t believe the difference your programme is making to me, to my feelings about myself, how I eat, what I eat. I feel so at ease, no guilt, no shame – even when my colleague showed me a photo she took of her abdominal muscles she took at the gym. I thought “she’s amazing, she’s worked so hard to be happy with her body and I’m amazing because so have I.” KR

“tireless work in helping people to improve their relationship with their own bodies and helping them with any issues they may have around food. Too many people are struggling and suffering by the unrealistic expectations placed on them by society and the advertising industry to be a certain size and shape. With Nutriri, Helen is offering a healthy alternative to diet clubs”

Endorsement during National Diversity Award nomination

Our unique coaching model is a non-clinical service – if you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or suspect one, you can also self-refer to the Dr Julian service here.

After 3 decades of yo-yo dieting –’s founder decided to open a weekly group; to be more compassionate than slimming clubs – as soon as we opened our doors, we were approached by lower and higher weight people asking for help with their ‘food chaos’ and body dissatisfaction – this opened our eyes to the high demand for a non-clinical service like ours.

Restriction diets! their 95% ‘failure’ rates keep us returning; making us feel less than.  Be thinner, be fitter, change!

Nutriri* is a beyond profit social enterprise – showing you how to find food ease, body ease and be happy now!  Self care through Self love – not guilt and shame.

It’s time to join the dots up – between the £15 billion annual cost of eating disorders and the £500 million we spend in the UK to stand on scales at weekly clubs.

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£15bn from Eating Disorders – £500m spent standing on scales! has big plans! we have a growing group of nurturers who are training to open up weekly groups nationally and, we hope in time, internationally.  Some of these future group leaders will also take part in our live course; maybe your participation will lead to becoming a weekly group leader where you live?!

Connect & Nurture Memberships - FREE / £10pm / £50pm / £100pm